Twenty Five in 25

On my 25th Birthday, I made a list of twenty-five things that I would like to accomplish in my 25th year. Some will take me the entire year to accomplish, and others only a day. These are the things I hope to complete before January 21st, 2014;

Write two snail mail letters per month.
Visit my Grandfather in Florida.
Move out of my parents' house.
Develop my blog.
Complete 3 classes through Coursera (1/3 complete).
Travel to Denver to visit my cousins and their babies. (May 2013)
"Unplug" for an entire weekend.
Run a 10K race.
Donate to charity.
Visit Blacksburg.
Read 25 Books (8/25 read).
Visit my friends who live out of state. (May/June 2013)
Meet a few of my blog friends in real life.
Travel outside of the U.S.A. (Punta Cana, Summer 2013)
Volunteer at the ASPCA or Humane Society.
Make new friends.
Land a promotion or my dream job.
Take a road trip.
Start to build a "real" big-girl wardrobe.
Spend an entire weekend lounging in bed with coffee, movies, and books.
Take a photography class.
Get rid of all of the "junk" in my life. Both stuff and people.
Pay it forward.
Be thankful for something every single day.