Monday, September 2, 2013

No Spend September.

I spend entirely too much money.
I buy my $5 Starbucks drink more than necessary. I get bored with my homemade lunch and go on stretches buying $7 Au Bon Pain sandwiches. I use work as an excuse to buy entirely too many clothes. I go to Target and buy everything BUT what is on my list. It all adds up pretty quickly.

With a move from the 'rents house inevitable within the next 6 months, I need to get my life together. I mean, I'm 25 years old. I need to control my spending on unnecessary things. I bring to you, No Spend September.

I've seen other bloggers participating in "No Shop September" but I think that my food/coffee buying trumps my shopping habits for sure. If I'm going to go all out, I might as well limit all spending!

| the rules and exceptions |
|| Coffee from HOME || There is no need to buy Starbucks multiple times per week. If an emergency occurs (falling asleep at work), I'll use the change in my wallet to buy an iced coffee. No more $5 lattes.

|| ONE outfit every other week for work || I can't completely cut off spending on clothes because my job does depend on me wearing the latest and greatest. Limiting my budget to $75 per outfit. That is way less than what I'm currently spending on clothes.

|| Window shopping only || Working in a mall, it is oh so tempting to pop into a different store each day on my break to see what the new items are. Working in an upscale mall, it is unfortunate that such stores include Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers... We're not talking Forever 21. I like to get out of the store on my break, so I'll be sure to leave my wallet in my bag and just look.

And most importantly...
|| No Unnecessary Spending || I can do my own nails -- I don't need a mani/pedi every other week. When I go to Target, I only need to buy the essentials. Those books, those flats, and all those sports bras are really excessive.

| The Reward |
I will be putting all of the money that I would normally spend in a month in my savings account. I am really anxious to see what I spend on essentials every month. With the money that I'm going to be saving, I'll be able to start purchasing things for the (future) new apartment!

No Spend September.
Who is with me!?