Friday, August 30, 2013

Magnolia Lane.

With the start of college football this week, I have been realigning the priorities in my life. Maroon and Orange clothing has taken over the bright Lilly colors of my wardrobe, and there wont be a Saturday morning for the rest of the fall that my coffee will not be consumed out of a Virginia Tech mug. With hopes of moving out of my parent's house in the next few months, I've been looking into stocking my own home with fabulous spirited goodies.

I read about Magnolia Lane on a few blogs, and finally decided to check it out. They have some adorable pieces that I must have in my life ASAP.

I know where my Hokie butt will be tomorrow at 5:30pm, cheering on my team as they take on Alabama! Who will you be rooting for this weekend!?