Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Goals.

So here's the thing.
I used to set goals every month and actually follow through.
And then I stopped putting them on the blog so I wouldn't feel terrible when I couldn't check one single thing off my list. The reason I'm getting these out there (even if it is 10 days late), is because I need to hold myself accountable somehow, and this is the only way I can think to do it.

October 2013 Goals;

|| one ||
Run 40 miles this month.
Luckily, I finally downloaded the Nike+ App and have been logging miles through DailyMile after my runs. Who else has a mileage goal that they are working towards? Let's be running buddies!

|| two ||
Read 4 books.
So far on my list;
Girls In White Dresses by Jennifer Close (already done)
The Smart One by Jennifer Close (I loved GIWD)
Any other suggestions?

|| three ||
Continue with No Spend September.
I still have only purchased one outfit with this paycheck, so that is going really well, but with vacation this month I know that my "eating out" budget is going to be stretched to the limit!

|| four ||
Lose 5 pounds.
This one will depend on goal #1 as well as how vacation goes. If we eat out every single night, it will certainly be tough to reach this.

What are your goals this month?