Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Staying Healthy During The Holidays in Retail.

If I've learned anything in my 2 years of retail management, it is that staying healthy is a must during the holiday season. The hours are long, the days are crazy, and there is little time to rest. We don't get weekends off, so having two days in a row off is a hot commodity, and taking care of yourself definitely gets put on the backburner. Last year, I think I finally perfected how to keep myself protected from germs, sleep deprivation, and the holiday blues.

Stay hydrated.
I'm lucky enough that we keep water bottles readily available for customers, so it is acceptable for us to keep water on the selling floor. I usually keep my Tervis Tumbler water bottle in the closet so that I can sneak some water between clients. I think we all know the importance of water in our diets, so making sure that we are hydrated at all times is a must.

Always have a stash of healthy snacks.
When things get crazy, there isn't always time for a proper break. My first year in retail I did not wise up and keep healthy snacks in our breakroom, so I was leaving work starving and stopping at the drive through on the way home. I have already started stocking my cabinet full of healthy choices that are easy to grab and go. I've got a box of Clif Bars (these are my favorite), mixed nuts, and at the beginning of each week will stock the fridge with apples, yogurt, and baby carrots.

Splurge a little.
All of the girls that I work with are super generous and always bring in fun holiday themed snacks. There is never a shortage of cookies, candy, or cupcakes around to tempt the tired, starving staff. While 95% of the time I skip the treats and head for my "cabinet" of healthy snacks, once a week I'll grab a cookie or cupcake instead. I mean, we all have to enjoy the holidays (responsibly, of course), right?

Get enough sleep.
This is so essential. I feel like sleep is at an all-time low during the holidays just because there is so much going on. I feel like we are all running nonstop trying to cram everything in, and sleep definitely is low on the priority list. While I know it is certainly not realistic to shoot for 8-9 hours a night, making sure that you get a minimum of 6 hours seems attainable. I know that I've started to turn off my television before I start my bedtime routine, and that helps me fall asleep much faster (and I generally can stay asleep all night).

Stay organized.
Working weird crazy hours may seem like a burden during the holidays, but, I've found that it is a blessing in disguise. If I make my holiday shopping list early enough, I can get my shopping done on my random days off (there is no one at the mall on Monday mornings, or Wednesday nights). By not having to push my way through crowds, and being able to take my time, I am much happier. Also, during these weird times, the sales people are usually able to help me and give me the personalized attention that makes shopping that much more enjoyable.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?
Anyone else out there also working ridiculous retail hours!?