Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans!

This last week has been a blur. I blogged right before Christmas about my awful attitude, and since then, I haven't even really had time to be thinking negatively like that. I had a great holiday with my family, and have already begun the celebrations for birthday month. I had the best weekend with my best friend to celebrate, but I'll share more of those details later. They deserve their own super fabulous post for a super fabulous weekend!

For now, here's what I've been up to for the last week...

Miss Olivia (the Basset Hound) was adopted and spent Christmas with her new "forever family" and her new Boxer brother. She has obviously settled in quite nicely, and the Boxer doesn't even seem mad that she stole his bed.

I spent Christmas eating tons of Christmas cookies, monkey bread, and homemade pizza. We slept in, opened tons of presents, and spent the afternoon playing games!

Miss Maddie came into our lives as our latest foster pup. She is just the sweetest, and might be one of the best cuddlers in the world. I forgot how fabulous snuggling with a pup at night is!

Josie came back from VA (YAY! Even if it was just for the weekend), and we spent Friday evening having margaritas with my Momma.

#leatherandlacepartyoftwo started off with a bang and our first trip to the drybar. Guys, I'm in love. If I could put one of these stylists in my bag and take them home with me, I would.

This week, it is back to the grind. Long hours at work, new shipments, and trying to find a theater that still is showing Catching Fire at a reasonable hours are things that need to be done this week!

How was your Christmas!? What are your plans for the New Year!?