Monday, July 8, 2013

Miscellany Monday

The last few days have felt like a complete blur. Having two days off in a row last week made Friday feel like Monday and I've been thrown off ever since.

Here are my weekend randoms.

Wednesday (aka Saturday) I did a little shopping and even picked up a new bra for $6! I love Marshall's! Then I picked up my friend at the train, stuffed our faces with froyo, and even had a great man-hating-bitch-sesh. It was 100% necessary.

Thursday we woke up early, and got started making some red, white, and blue food. We also inflated our pool, and picked up some patriotic donuts at DD

After sippin' and dippin' (and getting covered in bug bites), we headed to a family friends for some fireworks over the water!

Friday morning I woke up more confused than ever. I was convinced that it was Monday, and couldn't get it right all day. When I got home after work, I was even angry that The Bachelorette wasn't on. I'm still a little confused from that day!

The (real) weekend dragged by. I worked for most of it, but did get to sleep in a little yesterday! I even got to catch a few innings of my brother's baseball game where he pitched 8 innings and only walked ONE batter. I think we have the next Andy Pettite over here (oh, I wish)!

What did you do for 4th of July?

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