Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week, I am loving...

...air conditioning. This heat wave has me exhausted, sweaty, and plain icky. Forget wanted to even look half decent for work, because just the 100ft walk from my front door to my car leaves me drippy. Ew.

...this bathing suit that I ordered last week for my Punta Cana trip. I'm obsessed, and was floored that the bathing suits were not on sale in the store. I ended up ordering a bunch of colors and sizes since I couldn't even try them on in-store, but am hoping that this one works (it's my faveeeeee)

...that in a mere 13 days I will be sitting with my toes in the water, ass in the sand. It literally cannot come soon enough!

...snapchat. Who knew that it could be so addicting? I may or may not be obsessed with drawing beards and unibrows on myself. Who said I'm 25? Not I...

...that yesterday one of our customers brought us a box of Godiva chocolates. We helped him shop for anniversary gifts for his wife and he was so thankful for making his celebration come together that he brought us a HUGE box of chocolate. Seriously, this man knows the way to women's hearts everywhere! Those are the customers that make me LOVE what I do!

...that on Monday, I did an entire load of laundry consisting solely of neon pink clothes.

...that I WON Crystal Faye's giveaway of her favorite things this month! I never win anything and was SO excited when I got the e-mail saying that I won!! I love all of the adorable (monogrammed) things in her boutique, and can't wait to try out all the goodies she is sending!

What are YOU loving this week?
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