Monday, August 5, 2013

{guest post} I Love Snail Mail!

Hey y'all! It's Sarah from Simply Sarah :)
 A huuuuge thank you to Ashley, my fellow Hokie, for having me guest blog! Although, I am a little jealous she's on vacation and I'm stuck at work...!
Anyway, on to business! In this case: snail mail business.
I absolutely love snail mail -- sending & receiving. To me, there is nothing better than receiving a handwritten note from a friend, family member or even a "stranger", such as from a shop or boutique owner thanking you for your purchase.
I always make a point to write thank you notes for gifts, hospitality or just anything that someone did for me.  Good manners go a long way!
I have quite an extensive stationery collection so that I can choose the perfect notecard for the perfect recipient :)
Here are some that I would love to add to my pile!
 Etsy - Sweetgrass Prints
Etsy - rainy day colors
Shop Crystal Faye
Lilly Pulitzer - Lifeguard Press
Etsy - oh louise!
Etsy - Cami's Paperie
Where do y'all find cute stationery? Online? In stores?
Target has cute ones too, nice and easy on the wallet! :)
Come by Simply Sarah & say hi!
Have a great week, and thank you again Ashley!