Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

After a full blown week of travel, re-adjusting, and getting back to work, the fam and I didn't stop with our weekend plans. For Christmas, Mom had gotten us tickets to see Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and The Eli Young Band at MetLife stadium in New Jersey. We knew that we would be cramming a lot of things into a week after getting back from vacation, but with this killer lineup, who could miss it!?

We set out early to tailgate, and after our horrific experience seeing Rascal Flatts in June, we were just hoping that this would be better. Other than some minor traffic getting down to Jersey, the trip started out on a much more positive note. Parking was quick and easy, and we even scored a spot near some port-a-potties (definitely an upgrade from a bush behind some electrical boxes...)


The last time we saw a "stadium" concert (I guess more of a coliseum concert), it was horrendous. We had to wait over an hour for the bathroom, girls were throwing up everywhere, and the security team were total jerks (if you can avoid Nassau Coliseum, do it). We didn't have high expectations, but were pleasantly surprised. Lines for food/drink/bathroom were practically nonexistent, and they even let my Momma take an elevator up to our seats because of her bad back. The service was exceptional, the security team was on point, and I have named it my favorite concert venue from here on out!

We arrived at our seats a few minutes before the Eli Young Band came on. It was just the right amount of time to grab a drink and a snack before the concert began. We really didn't know too much about Eli Young, but they put on a fantastic show. They'll be playing at the county fair in a few weeks and you can bet that we will be there!

 Eric Church surprised me -- he was excellent! I only wish that I could have heart his voice a little more. I'm not sure if it was because our seats were so high or they just didn't turn the big speakers on until Kenny, but Eric was great!


The night was beautiful, and none of the acts disappointed. Kenny Chesney certainly deserves this stadium tour -- he was unreal. He played all of my favorites, and did not lose a drop of energy for the entire two hour performance. I would see him again in a heartbeat!

Now, I just need to get back to MetLife to see BIG BLUE play this fall!

Sunday morning we were excited to pick up our new foster dog, Miranda (now re-named Mandy). She is the sweetest little thing who was rescued from a shelter in Virginia only two days before she was set to be euthanized. I can't imagine why anyone would give this sweet face up, but I am certainly grateful that we get to keep her for a little while!

What fun things did you do this weekend!?

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