Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tropical Tuesday.

I've officially been back in the US of A for a week, and I have been wishing that I could be back in the tropics since we landed at JFK. Our experience in the Dominican Republic was excellent. We had an early morning flight out of NY and had to be up entirely too early (although I really couldn't sleep the night before because I was SO excited).

After a relatively painless flight, we landed at the cutest airport ever.

I mean, a line of huts along the runway was just too perfect for this tropical vacation. We got through customs very quickly, and had a private cab take us to our resort. My dad and the driver talked baseball for the entire 45 minute ride, and Mom and I got an inside look at what life in a third world country looks like. I can certainly say that it was an eye opening experience. More on that in another post.

We finally arrived at our hotel, the Majestic Colonial. Early on, we had made the decision to stay on the "adults only" side aka the Colonial Club side. It was hands down the best thing we could have done. No kids, nicer inclusive bracelets, extra access to restaurants & bars, internet access, a private club, and our own butler. While we were checking in, we were immediately served champagne and snacks. It was amazing.

Hotel Lobby. I loved that everything was open!

Our "special" section!

"Welcome" Champagne.

Our exclusive bracelets that I still wont take off..

Once we were checked in and ready to go, our butler, Joan, took us on a tour of the resort. We saw all of the bars, restaurants, and even made a pit stop for some drinks at the poolside bar. Rum Punch for the girls, and El Presidente for the boys.

"Free Drinks"? Yes, please!

The next stop were our beach front rooms. We had reserved an "ocean view" room, which we thought would mean if we stuck our necks off of the balcony at a certain angle we might be able to see something blue. We were in for a surprise!

The view from our patio.

Our entryway

Our super romantic kissy swans and bathroom

The bedroom/living room.

After quickly changing, grabbing some lunch, and putting on serious amounts of sunscreen, we headed to the beach.

I have never seen water so clear, or sand so white. I could have stayed there forever. Our daily routine for the majority of the vacation included an early breakfast, some beach time, pool time, plenty of fruity cocktails, and a few excursions off the resort.

My first delve into a tropical vacation was certainly a great one! I can't wait to cross more places off of my travel bucket list!