Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{guest post} Let's Just Relax.

Hi Monograms and Margaritas readers! My name is Lindsey and you can usually find me over at Turtles and Pearls. I was excited when Ashley asked me to guest post for her while she's away on vacation because I've been following her blog for quite some time now. (Ashley, thanks for having me post! I hope you're having a wonderful time.)

Although I would love to be on vacation right now, I'm stuck working my first rotation of pharmacy school. Even though I'm in Kentucky (and not by the water), I thought I would share my favorite ways to relax...right here at home!

(one) Enjoy your favorite beverage.
Whether it be a Diet Coke, or a slushie from Sonic, or something a little stronger take a few minutes to stop what you're doing and enjoy your favorite drink. 

(two) Read a book in a quiet place.
I love having "me" time to read. I usually gravitate toward Nicholas Sparks, Emily Griffin, and other similar authors. What about you? (Bonus points if you combine numbers one and two!)

(three) Take time to exercise.
Whether you are a runner, prefer yoga, or enjoy taking out stress on a punching bag during a boxing class, working out always helps me relax right away, but it also helps me sleep better at night. 

(four) Go shopping.
Two words: retail therapy. Even when I don't have extra money to spend, I love walking around the mall or going to Target and buying a new bottle of nail polish or a cute notebook. 

(five) Spend time with a close friend.
The last time my best friend was in town, we spent our afternoon eating ice cream (if you live in Louisville, you have to try The Comfy Cow) and just catching up. There's nothing better!

How do you relax? Feel free to share!