Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Cara Box!

Cara Box

This month I participated in my first Cara Box, hosted by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. Each month there is an assigned theme. You get matched up with another blogger or non-blogger and send each other some fun stuff! To read more about it (or sign up for the next month), check it out here!

I received a box from Kristina! This month's theme was "A Day at the Fair" and she sent me TONS of adorable things that one would find at a fair or carnival! I was so excited to see everything, but even more excited to get to know Kristina better!

Here's what she sent;
All wrapped up, ready for the fair!

An adorable stuffed elephant, and matching necklace, some wonderful country fair recipes (can't wait to try the fried bacon!), some cotton candy (that I already ate.. oops), A Night Circus, and a balloon animal that didn't quite make it out alive (major props for trying!!!)

What was your favorite item in your Cara Box?
The theme for July is "nautical" and we all know that is one of my favorites!