Friday, June 14, 2013

Let's Tailgate!

After four years of football seasons at the greatest university in the world, I've learned a thing or two about tailgating essentials. While the drink of choice may have varied with the weather, the consistency of the food and atmosphere remained the same.

My family is headed to see Rascal Flatts this weekend in concert, and Mom and I have been working hard to ensure that we've got all of our tailgate favorites loaded up and ready to go!

iPod Speakers || Loaded up with country music, our iPod speakers are usually one of the first items in the car. We always make sure that we either have an electric outlet adapter in the car, or tons of extra batteries so that we can listen to music for hours before it dies! There are so many companies that offer these portable speakers now, and are easy to find and totally affordable! Find them here (as pictured), here, and here!

Red Solo Cups || "I fill you up..." Toby Keith, anyone? We always stock up on these babies, especially when we're tailgating for concerts where alcohol may not be allowed in all areas or near the roads. Disguising your drink in one of these makes for easy disposal, and also let's you have one last drink as you are walking to the venue.

Koozies || If you're a beer drinker like my Daddy, Koozies are essential to keep those drinky drinks cold in the summer heat (and I WISH that I had found this one earlier so I could have ordered it before now). We have SO many in our house, and always bring a variety just in case!

Sweatshirt || Sometimes it gets super chilly as the sun goes down, and having a soft fleecy sweater is the best solution! Obviously I bring my VT sweatshirt wherever I go, but some others that have made appearances are from Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, and Patagonia.

Beach Blanket || We never really know where we may park to tailgate at the venue we will be at this weekend. Sometimes we're in a field, sometimes a parking lot, sometimes in some random business. It all depends. We always are sure to have some beach blankets in the car so that we can spread those out and have instant seating. They also come in handy if it is a bit chilly, but mostly they are ideal for extra seating!

What are YOUR tailgate essentials for the summer?