Friday, June 28, 2013

5 on Friday!

Linking up with these sweet girls today to share my Friday randoms!

I need to build an ark. The rain we have received this week alone makes me think that I should master my construction skills and go ahead and start gathering the animals. While I love a good rainy day (like this morning), I prefer when they occur on my day off and I can lounge in my bed all day. 

We're getting a new refrigerator! The current one has been in our kitchen for about 20 years. The shelves on the doors are broken, the ice maker leaks pools of water all over the floor, and the light in the fridge hasn't worked in years. Mama and I picked out a new one (according to Dad's specifications: no stainless steel, no side by side, no freezer on the bottom...) and it will be delivered today! It's the little things in life, right?

I bought my Dad and I matching shorts. He doesn't know it yet, but I am positive there will be a day when we "accidentally" wear them at the same time. Fitz Short can be found here, and the Callahan Short can be found here.

I had the perfect Saturday night last week. My family was at a party when I got home from work, so I picked up Chipotle for dinner, grabbed my iPad & laptop and set up shop on my deck. The weather was perfect, the dog was lying at my feet, and I sat outside for a good two hours before the bugs got to me and I had to go inside. Sometimes I think living along would be wonderful (and then I think of being alone every night and not being able to ever watch SVU or PLL again...)

I can't seem to get through any books. Seriously, I've been reading Andy Cohen's book for over a month. Guys, it is only 239 pages long! Maybe I'm the world's slowest reader, but I am in desperate need of some quick reads when I finally finish this book! I have a few books to start thanks to Crystal's book swap, but hopefully I'll get through those pretty quickly!

What is random with you on this gloomy Friday?