Wednesday, January 22, 2014


My birthday celebrations tend to be low-key. This year, Mom and I are celebrating with our trip to Florida this week, I did get the opportunity to spend a weekend in December with my best friend. Our birthdays are 3 weeks apart, and since she moved back to VA, we knew that we needed to do something big. We planned a super fabulous special weekend in NYC, and it was perfect.

After working a ridiculous shift on Friday, I flew home to start my weekend. We headed to pick up our latest foster dog, Maddie (who has already been adopted!!!).

We freshened up, and headed out with my Mama for margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant. It was so nice to spend some time with two of my favorite ladies, drink some amazing margaritas, and share table-made guacamole. Maybe a few too many margaritas had been consumed, because after dinner, there may have been a little bit of playtime in a manger.

Clearly we were in bed early, and up ready to start our celebrations on Saturday. We spent the morning running errands, and searching for the perfect pair of heels for my dress (would you believe that until Saturday morning, I did not own a single pair of heels? Yeah, I know)! I lucked out with a $17 pair of nude Tahari heels. They were perfect.

We booked hair appointments at drybar, packed our bags, and headed into the city.

We stayed at Park South Hotel on 28th between Park and Lex. It was located on the same block as the 6 train, so it was more than convenient. We had booked a King room, but were immediately upgraded to a Junior King Suite upon check-in. What a great way to kick off the evening! After picking up some sustenance and coffee, we headed down to Union Square for our drybar appointments. I hate blow-drying my hair, so this place was right up my alley. I looked through the "menu" and decided on the "Mai Tai." About 45 minutes later, my hair was perfectly beachy and I was so excited to begin the rest of our night!

We left drybar and kept pushing back our dinner reservations because we were just having too much fun playing around, enjoying our hotel room, and getting all pretty. We got all dolled up and grabbed a cab uptown (to some restaurant that I honestly cannot even remember the name of...). The food was delicious, but I still just keep thinking of the awkward couples that were dining close enough to us that we could listen to every.single.word that they said.

When we finished dinner, we headed back downtown for drinks at Beauty and Essex. This place had an amazing atmosphere, and the drink menu was something out of the ordinary! Next time we have a weekend in the city, we will definitely be making it a priority to get dinner reservations there. I have absolutely zero pictures from the rest of the weekend, because all of them were taken on SnapChat and are sadly gone forever. I wish that someone had screenshotted half of what I sent them, because they were absurd. After Beauty and Essex we headed to a bar that I can only describe as a Bulgarian club with the weirdest decor ever. Naked women all over the walls, and I mean pictures and sculptures.

On our way back to the hotel, we made friends with some random guys and shared a bag of goldfish. Our hotel happened to be right next to McDonalds (convenient, right?). The night ended with happy meals in our king sized bed watching reruns of TV. I don't know if I was more proud of myself for making it back to the hotel with all of my belongings, or for staying up until 4am. Either way, the night was a blast.

It was only fitting that on Sunday morning when we woke up it was pouring down rain. After trekking too many blocks to a bagel shop, we were soaking wet, a little hungover, and ready for a nap. I made it the whole way back to Grand Central and fell asleep on the train ride home. Sunday was certainly a day of recovery, and just another reminder that I am not, in fact, still in college.