Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sanibel Vacay

So, I had this big elaborate plan to recap my vacation today, seeing that I flew home last night, but, I took zero pictures worth sharing with the exception of a few gorgeous sunsets (they really are stunning on Sanibel).

It was chilly in Florida. I was still bundled in a sweater 4/5 days that I was there, so we spent a lot of time sitting on the porch reading our books. I had tons of time to catch up on blogging, e-mails, and emptying my Kindle of unread books. It did get to a point one day where Mom and I needed to get outside, so we bundled up and plopped our chairs by the ocean. It didn't last very long (it was seriously cold), but it was nice to get out of the house!

We did also get to hop over to Naples to do a little shopping one afternoon. I was dying to see the new Lilly store in the Waterside shops, and it was definitely worth all the hype. The store is a lot smaller than I thought it would be (even smaller than my store!!), but the girls there were so friendly, and their fitting rooms are to die for!

There was also a lot of family time (which, really, was the point of our trip). We skyped with relatives in Colorado, and had multiple dinners with our Sanibel relatives. We were lucky that quite a few nights the sky cleared up for sunset, and we were able to get some gorgeous pictures.

I love this place.

We also went through some old photo albums, and my aunt even brought a few vintage pictures over. Seriously, my fashion sense was on point in the 90's, and a few of them gave me a good chuckle. Can we tell that I've been a Daddy's girl since the day I was born!?

All in all, the last few days were just what the doctor ordered. Lots of reading, catching up, and relaxing. While I would have loved to spend more than one day catching some Vitamin D, maybe the weather was a blessing in disguise!