Monday, January 27, 2014

The Bachelor Bracket.

Another Monday, another exciting night watching Juan Pablo awkwardly make-out with weird girls and then cook them breakfast (I'm still not understanding why I don't find him in my kitchen cooking me breakfast...)

So by week 4, I definitely have my favorites already. There aren't too many people that I dislike (although, previews for this episode make me believe that may change). The only woman who he needs to get rid of is Sharleen. Do we even ned to go into their kiss last week? My stomach is still churning from watching it.

The front runners for me?

I have a major girl crush on Nikki. She seems like the type to stay out of the drama, and keep her nose clean. She also really reminds me of the former Bachelorette, Ali.

Anyone else picture Renee jumping right in and assuming the Momma role for Camilla? Maybe it's the fact that she has a son of her own, but she just seems so darn REAL. 

I still don't feel as though I know every single girl, so my bracket is filled out haphazardly, butttttttttt...

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