Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Beauty Essentials.

With the temperatures turning chilly, and the wind picking up, there is nothing I can think of that is worse than dry skin and static hair. That is by far my least favorite part about the winter (okay, not including shoveling snow, or bulky winter coats).

Here are my favorite products that keep me sane until the humidity return to the air again...

|| face wash ||
I feel like I've tried a million different face washes, but none of them have compared to Aveeno's Clear Complexion foam. It is light, doesn't have any exfoliators, and makes my face feel clean and fresh. I also have a version of this on pre-soaked pads for nights where I'm too lazy to get in the shower, and those are beyond amazing as well.

|| moisturizer ||
Aveeno products are my favorite when it comes to my face. They don't have weird chemicals that I can't pronounce, and it doesn't cost $50 an ounce. The Positively Radiant one is my favorite, and after I've washed my face, it feels like a drink of water for my skin. I use it twice daily, and since I have started using it last winter, my face rarely breaks out, and I don't get any more weird dry patches. This stuff is a miracle worker.

|| body wash ||
I'm a huge fan of anything shea butter related. My skin is super sensitive, and I have certainly had my bad experiences with big name products before. Hives are not fun. I went out on a limb and tried this St. Ives Oatmeal Shea Butter body wash and have never looked back. It helps keep moisture in my skin, and doesn't make me all itchy like so many others. It also smells fantastic, so that is definitely a bonus!

|| body lotion ||
St. Ives products worked on my skin in the shower, so I have been pretty loyal to the brand otherwise. I have rotated a few combinations and this one has been my favorite so far. Anything with the word "hydrating" in it has my vote, so the Daily Hydrating Vitamin-E lotion is the winner in my book. It is light, non-greasy, and lasts all day.

|| hair treatment ||
My hair is a hot mess during the winter. It is dry, stringy, and just a complete disaster. The wind makes the situation so much worse, and last winter I was at a loss for what to do. Enter the 3 Minute Dryness Reversal Treatment. Guys, this stuff is a miracle worker. It smells kind of gross, and looks like you're putting straight avocado on your head, but it made my hair presentable to the world again. Once a week is all it takes. Totally easy, right?

|| volumizing spray ||
While the Dryness Reversal treatment I use makes my hair not yucky, it still leaves it flat as a board after I've styled it. I started using Matrix Biolage Volumizing Spray late last winter and was instantly regretting not picking it up sooner. It is a little pricey (I mean, I don't usually spend $16 on hair products), but I literally cannot live without it anymore. My favorite part is that it doesn't make my hair greasy in any way.

|| cuticle oil ||
My hands are a disaster. Year round. In the winter, they certainly get exponentially worse, but a few friends had suggested this cuticle oil, and it has definitely made a huge difference. Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil smells the best, but any drug store brand will get the job done. No more cut up cuticles for me!

|| lip balm ||
I think that most people have heard of Burt's Bees, but I have to declare my love for this lip balm over and over again. I love the hint of peppermint, the way it makes my lips all tingly, and it just reminds me of Christmas. Call me crazy, but I can't imagine myself ever using anything else.

What are your favorite winter beauty products!?