Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bachelor Bracket {linkup}

I'm going to start off by letting y'all know that we are nearing the end of my relationship with Blogger. 3rd post in a row that has not been published when scheduled. And I still can't reply to comments.

Anyway. Down to real business.

Today is Monday. While it has already kicked me in the ass, the one thing I have to look forward to is at 8pm tonight when Juan-uary commences for my favorite 2 hour block of the week! I can't wait for the most dramatic rose ceremony yet, naturally.

As of last week, we were left with 13 women vying for Juan Pablo's heart. I predict a whole lot of drama (obviously) the following lucky ladies receiving a rose;

Since Momma bear doesn't have a blog, here are her choices for the 13 lucky ladies continuing on the journey for love...

Who do y'all think will be getting a rose at tonight's ceremony!?
Be sure to link up with me and Jacky to share your bracket!