Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Save or Splurge: Riding Boots.

Last year I invested in a pair of Frye boots that I had been lusting over for months. Probably one of the best purchases that I have ever made! I wear them at least 3 times per week from October through March, and based on that, the "price per wear" has definitely been worth it.

In the months leading up to finally biting the bullet, I bought a pair of look-alikes from Target. They were under $50 and I figured that if I never wore them, then I certainly would never wear a pair 6x the price. After running them into the ground (literally, the bottoms were falling apart), I realized that the investment would be worth it. Oh, I also have a really rough time finding boots that fit my wide calves. Its a problem.

This year, I am on the hunt for black riding boots.
Most of (and by most of, I really mean all of) my outfits have matched perfectly with my cognac colored Fryes. I'm pretty partial to them, and am not 100% positive that I will wear the black ones and love them just as much. I've thought about these pairs as "trial pairs" before I invest in the real deal;

If I find myself in the same situation as last year where I am alternating these black ones with my brown ones on a daily basis, I would love to invest in one of these pairs;

Anyone else have super wide calves? I also want a pair of cowboy boots, but those are really really really hard to find in New York!!