Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration.

With Thanksgiving approaching at an alarming rate (I'm really not complaining, it just really snuck up on me), I am making a scramble on what to wear. Comfort is a must, but since tons of pictures will certainly be taken, it must be somewhat cute.

Enter, Lilly Pulitzer's Travel Pant.

With an elastic waist, and pajama feel, these babies are the perfect pant for Thanksgiving (and let's be honest, also to wear everyday). I purchased my first pair earlier this fall (after being stubborn last year and not buying a single pair), and then another, and another, and now I probably have one pair for each day of the week and I'm not even ashamed to admit that I probably wear them 5/7 days a week. They have a seam in the front and back which also make them look way dressier than they probably should be. Can we all be in agreement that leggings were the best thing to happen to Thanksgiving? Okay, great.

Now that the pants situation is figured out, I'm thinking that I'll throw on a cozy sweater and a tartan scarf to make this cozy cute outfit complete!

What are you wearing for Thanksgiving!?