Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eighteen // A Childhood Memory

Day Eighteen: Tell a story from your childhood. 

I had a really hard time picking just ONE memory, because I have so many that I could share. While the one I picked isn't necessarily from when I was a CHILD, it definitely qualifies as one of the best/worst/most hilarious nights of my life.

I bring you... my family's finest moment in history: The Night "Eddie the Bat" Invaded Our House

It all started on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend (okay, maybe it was Labor Day weekend, I can't be 100% sure...). My whole fam damily was walking back from a neighbor's house after a BBQ. We are cutting through the front yard and my Dad, being the nice guy he is, warns my Mom to lookout for the curb so she doesn't fall. Cute, right? Well, he misjudges the curb, almost falls, but doesn't so he can save the beer in his hand. Classy. Dad twists his knee, can't bend it, and is in tons of pain. We get back to the house, ice it, and out of the corner of my eye, I see something dark fly through the kitchen. No one in my family believes me, so we go to bed and pretend like nothing happened.

After breakfast the next morning, Dad spends the next day at the ER while they put a huge immobilizer on that knee. Saturday night, he is on crutches, but we all go out to another BBQ. Obviously it is time to celebrate the gorgeous weather and the beginning (or end) of summer. We are all tired as we finally get back to the house, and as we walk in the door, this bat swoops down and scares the poop out of all of us. This is when our true colors came out.

I immediately run to the laundry room, and put every single article of clothing on that I can find in the dryer. I lock myself in there because I know that if that bat touches me, I will have to get rabies shots, and homegirl is NOT okay with that. Naturally, I start crying, and may have ended up in the fetal position on top of the dryer.

My brother runs down the stairs and suits up with all of his airsoft equipment. He grabs his lacrosse stick and pretends to be ready for battle. God knows that if the thing had actually come near him, he would have run away.

My Mom stands in the foyer just screaming.

Dad, without being able to move his leg, has to figure something out. Obviously the rest of his family is completely and utterly USELESS in traumatic situations such as this. He crawls up the stairs with his crutches, and starts shutting bedroom doors trying to eliminate rooms that this bat could get trapped in. The bat flies back downstairs and somewhat traps itself in the living room.

Now, there are no doors in the living room, just a big 'ole hole in the wall to walk through. Dad crawls (maybe rolls, who knows, I'm still sitting in the laundry room crying) down the stairs and uses a glass door (that we had just taken out/put in the front door) to essentially play ping pong with the bat so it can't get back out. Knowing that the bat is now somewhat contained, I emerge from the bathroom to yelling to get all of the shower curtains from the house. Mom and I run around and rip these things down, and start taping them up around the doorway. We almost seal it shut, get Dad out, and have that bat trapped.


Now, we can walk outside and look in the living room window and see this icky creature flying around. It was terrifying. We get hold of "Billy the Bat Man" a few days later only to find out that we have an infestation on the outside of the house. After our experience with "Eddie the Bat," I think we would have paid him millions to get the things out of there!

To this day, I can't see a bat without getting the chills, and then the giggles remembering the night that the bat got into the house!