Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Twenty Two // My Rant.

Day Twenty Two: Rant about something.
Since over the last week I have spent more hours in airports than I care to admit -- I would love nothing more than to rant about airport/airplane etiquette.

Rant #1: Pay attention. Get off your cell phone. When the screen says "Now boarding flight to Orange County, California," that does NOT mean the same thing as "Now boarding flight to LaGuardia, New York City." Put your laptop, iPad, and iPhone away and get it together. Your boarding pass will not work to get you on that plane. Oh, and everyone around you is laughing at you because we all called it.

Rant #2: Pay attention to your children. When they are running around screaming and being destructive, make them stop. I can guarantee that you would be the first person to scream at someone else if their kids were bothering you.

Rant #3: Please don't recline your seat. We are all cramped in those tiny little seats, so please don't make it worse for me. I promise that if I can go 4 hours without reclining, you can too. Pinky swear!

Rant #4: Don't wear your pajamas. We saw Eric Trump in the airport on our way to Denver. You never know who you might meet and chances are, they're going to judge you if you're wearing your jammies. Does it really take that long to put on some real clothes?

Rant #5: There is an ORDER to getting off the plane. Please don't climb over the seats to try to sprint off the plane before everyone else. It is just going to cause resentment and angriness. Also, I may try to trip you if the opportunity arises. So, watch out!

What do you hate about airport/airplane behavior!?