Sunday, May 19, 2013

Nineteen // My Favorite Bloggers

Day Nineteen: Five of your favorite blogs and why you love them.
A few days ago, I posted about my four favorite bloggers. Today I'll share the first five blogs that I ever followed!
Cupcakes and Cashmere was the first blog that I ever followed. I remember stumbling across her page and falling in love with her unique fashion sense, delicious recipes, and overall sense for a happy life. Through her site, I started to explore other avenues of blogs, and ended up where I am today!
The College Prepster came along sometime after I had graduated, and I found myself looking to her blog for fashion tips, fun deals, and organization strategies. Since Carly has moved to New York, I have loved following her adventures through one of my favorite cities!

Clare writes the blog Fitting It All In. She is at the same point in her life that I am, and I find her daily struggles and triumphs completely relatable! This was also the first "fitness" blog that I followed, and it was certainly her passion for running that kicked my butt into gear and made me choose to live a little bit healthier.

sCe, the author of Summer Wind, has recently re-branded her blog and I am in LOVE. This fellow Lilly-lover writes about her love for all things preppy! I adore her fashion sense, and would kill for a closet like hers!

Another fellow Lilly-lover and author of Nautical by Nature, Kate writes about her adventures on the West Coast as a Nanny to baby H. Has passion for the sea is contagious and sometimes I am amazed at all of the nautical things that she finds!!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers!?