Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

This week, I am loving...

...that in 8 days, I'll be headed out west with the family to be spending a long weekend exploring a new place and hanging with the cutest babies in the world.

...this shirt that I found at the seaport. While I might not agree about the whole BEER thing, insert Margaritas and we're in business!

...that it is currently chilly, raining, and gross outside. I'm off and plan on spending as much time as possible in my bed!

...All of the patterns for T-shirt quilts that I've found on Pinterest! Momma just made adorable tablecloths for our front porch, and I'll be taking advantage of her sewing skillz (since I've got absolutely nada going for me in that department) and making one (or two) of these babies!

...this bed that would be perfect for days like today. Putting this one my list of "must haves" for my future dream home!

What are YOU loving today!?