Sunday, May 12, 2013

Twelve // What Do You Miss?

Day Twelve: What do you miss?

I probably could have done this entire post in pictures, but I don't think that quite qualifies as an actual blog post.

What is the one thing that I miss? Especially during this time of year... VIRGINIA TECH!

I spent the best four years of my life in the little mountain town of Blacksburg. Filled with crisp morning walks across the drillfield (maybe most of the time they were arctic, not crisp, and there was some sort of precipitation falling horizontally from the sky), Tuesday nights at TOTS, Friday Happy Hours at Sharkey's, and Saturdays in Lane Stadium.

I miss living in a mini Hogwarts, spending countless hours studying (or pretending to study) at the sorority house, and taking hours to decide what to wear downtown on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

I miss being surrounded by all my friends, and even when there was "nothing to do," there was always something to do. I miss theme parties (why are they so unacceptable in the "real" world?), formals, and even recruitment (never thought I'd see the day).

Most of all, I miss walking across the beautiful campus, taking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with my biggest worry being my next exam, and where on campus I should eat dinner.

What is one thing you miss?