Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fourteen // Ten Things That Make You Really Happy

Day Fourteen: Ten things that make you really happy.
One time, I made a list of over 100 things that make me really, really, really happy. Sometimes you need a reminder of what makes you smile.
My family. They are my rocks. When we all get together, it's wonderful. Little brother came home yesterday, and I'm thrilled to be traveling across the country with them this week! It will certainly be one hell of a ride.
The beach. There is something about setting foot on the beach for the first time in a while and just breathing it all in. Isak Dinesen said the most brilliant thing, "The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea." I believe it 100%.
Country Music. That first day of warm weather when you can open your sunroof, throw your sunglasses on, and turn the radio UP. Kenny, Blake, Luke, and Eric are all there with me and can instantly put me in a fantastic mood.
Christmas. I think the joy of the holiday started when I was little and the whole time from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day was just magic. Christmas cookies in the oven, the NSYNC holiday album on repeat, and just an overall mood elevation makes this the happiest time of the year. It is so wonderful.
Ice cream. The love obviously started at a young age, but after a bad day, I almost always turn to that cold concoction that is socially acceptable to consume while driving and operating heavy machinery.
Traveling. Is there anything better than exploring a new place? We've headed to South Carolina for the last 20+ years for our summer vacation. This year, throughout the next few months, I will be headed to Colorado, Washington, DC, and the Dominican Republic. I cannot wait to play tourist in a new place!
Fresh Flowers. They just make you smile. Bonus points if they're a surprise!
A Fresh Manicure. There is something so relaxing about a nice mani/pedi that instantly puts a smile on my face. I always know when my day has been exceptionally bad because usually the color on my nails is something totally outrageous and out of character for me!
The rainbow after a good, soaking rain. You know that smell of wet pavement in the heat of the summer right after a drenching rain? That is the best! Seeing that huge rainbow outside after the gloomy rain and thunder has got to be one of the best sights in the world. It almost serves as a reminder that even on the worst days, things will get better and be beautiful again.

Laughing so hard it hurts. How can you not be happy after a good laugh?

What makes YOU really, really, happy?